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June 2015


When we think of medical marijuana treatments, the most common usage that probably comes to mind is its use for treating those going through chemotherapy. Most of us probably don’t realize that it shows incredible results in treating children who suffer from Autistic rage, too. Such is the case of

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Should the federal government be scheduling marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act?  Jon Gettman makes a strong argument for regulation instead of rescheduling. HT Editor’s Note: These remarks are a summary of a presentation by the author, Jon Gettman, to the Ninth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapuetics. After observing the final

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Chronic PainDisease

Three Puffs a Day Helped People With Nerve Pain, Study Finds Three puffs a day of cannabis, better known as marijuana, helps people with chronic nerve pain due to injury or surgery feel less pain and sleep better, a Canadian team has found. ”It’s been known anecdotally,” says researcher Mark

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A recent study that was published in the Psychiatric Research Journal is shaking up claims made by drug prohibitionists’ that cannabis usage is responsible for psychotic episodes in teenagers. As it turns out, that simply isn’t the case. Sorry, anti-cannabis crowd, science wins again. As it turns out, the research

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