Chronic Pain

3 Reasons to Treat Your Pain with Marijuana

With the legalization of marijuana happening in many states, there is a new option for people to treat their pain in a more relaxing way. Many patients prefer marijuana as pain relief medicine because it also gives you a feeling of well being. It helps you not only battle pain, but feel enlightened. 

The following three reasons explain why marijuana is a strong choice for treating pain. 

1. Marijuana does not have negative side effects.

Even though there hasn’t been much long term research on the effects of marijuana, it does not have significant short term effects other than slight memory loss in some people. It may slow people down, but there haven’t been many reported adverse reactions to marijuana. It’s a relatively safe solution, compared with conventional medicine. While pharmaceutical drugs can create side effects that require further prescriptions, marijuana isn’t likely to lead to a string of other problems that require more drugs. 

One of the reasons marijuana is considered safer than alcohol is that it doesn’t produce a hangover. The effects point more to laziness and sleepiness, which is exactly why some people use marijuana. Most state laws still treat marijuana intoxication the same way as alcohol when it comes to rules of the road. The best place to use marijuana is in the home, where it will have minimal impact on others. That’s where you can do research on marijuana, treat your pain and feel good all at once

2. No matter how much dosage, it is unlikely to overdose on marijuana.

There are almost no reported deaths each year from medical marijuana use. The few deaths that are reported involving marijuana usually involve other drugs and pre-existing medical conditions. It’s an organic drug that does not pose the same dangers as synthetic drugs. While some cannabis strains may be stronger than others, high potency marijuana is most likely to put a patient to sleep if used too much. You would have to smoke hundreds of joints in a matter of minutes in order to overdose on marijuana

Despite decades of demonization, marijuana stands up as safe compared to the heaviest drugs used by the medical profession. That’s why it’s now being prescribed for so many things beyond pain. Most synthetic medication is designed for specific health conditions and must be used in a specific way or the drug can be dangerous. But marijuana does not pose the same type of dangers.

3. Marijuana offers a pleasant experience to help you forget about pain.

Euphoria is a good substitute for pain, which is what marijuana generates. It’s a drug that suspends pain and anxiety and can help you feel euphoric. In a growing number of states marijuana is becoming legal for recreational use because it offers a feel good experience that makes you feel like you’re having the best day of your life. The effects of the drug help you sharpen your focus with a higher level of appreciation and awareness. 

The pleasant effects of marijuana can help a person’s self-esteem, which is one of the keys to building a strong immune system. Marijuana can open a person’s mind to focusing on positive elements of one’s life. The feeling of well being that it produces helps promote a positive attitude, which can affect decision-making. Since one of the most reliable ways to treat pain is marijuana, treat your pain with cannabis that makes you feel good and improves your outlook on life. 

Source: Medical Marijuana Association

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