Arkansas Woman Says Medical Marijuana Cured Her Liver Disease

Watch the testimony of Kathy Michaud, who claims she was healed of a serious liver disease by using cannabis.

Her diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy is associated with a survival rate of less than 50% at 1 year and less than 25% at 3 years.

Kathy and her husband Laughing Bear could not get legal access to medical marijuana in their home state of Arkansas, so they packed up and moved to Colorado under great hardship, where they grew and made their own medicine, which she took for 4 months.  When the time for her follow-up medical exam came, she received medical confirmation that she was healed of her disease.

The Michauds returned to their Arkansas home where they are now lobbying to get a medical marijuana law passed there so others don’t have to suffer the hardship they endured.

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