Epileptic Girl’s Seizures Drop Dramatically Because Of Medical Marijuana (Video)

Adam and Heather Benton moved from their home in West Chester, Ohio, to Castle Rock, Colorado, in April so that their 3-year-old daughter Addyson could be treated with medical marijuana.

Addyson suffers from epileptic seizures, which have dropped dramatically thanks to tiny marijuana patches that are applied to her ankle twice a day, notes WCPO (video below).

The patches are concentrated in CBD, a strain of marijuana that is strong in cannabidiol, but low in tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, the part of pot that makes people high.

Heather told WCPO:

She started out about two days after we got here. It’s been fantastic. Her seizures have gone from, you know, around 100 noticeable seizures a day to, the other day we counted, I think it was 19. We were down to 19.

She was walking with ease. It was really strange before [the treatment] she always walked like she was drunk. She just always swayed, she’d maybe make it five feet and fall. And we noticed six hours after we put [cannabis patch] on her, she wasn’t falling down.

Heather also recalled the financial hardship that she and her husband had to go through to make the move:

And to think of the hoops that we have to jump through to actually obtain this medicine is sad. There are so many people that aren’t going to be able to afford this move and their child is not going to get the care that they need. And it just seems so ridiculous now that we’re actually able to try it. Why is this being withheld from any child or any person dealing with seizures?

Addyson’s progress has improved beyond the time of WCPO’s news report. Her parents recently posted a picture on Facebook of a counter used to track their daughter’s seizures.

The counter read “3” and the family’s caption stated, “Record!!!! Thank you Cannabis!!!!”

The Epilepsy Foundation called for access to and research of medical marijuana for the treatment of seizures in 2014.

Sources: WCPO, Facebook, The Epilepsy Foundation
Image Credit: WCPO Screenshot

Report By Michael Allen
Article Source: OpposingViews.com

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