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How To Relieve The Biggest Pain Problems With Marijuana

One of the most useful properties of medical cannabis is that it has a long history of being effective for pain relief. Prior to the mass production of aspirin, cannabis was considered a leading remedy for headaches. More and more patients are gravitating toward medical marijuana in states where it is legal because it helps relieve pain without the negative side effects of conventional drugs. Here is information how medical marijuana can be useful as pain relief.

Dosage Defined by Symptoms

The amount of medical marijuana consumed should be based on the severity of the symptoms. Dosage matters when it comes to pain relief of conventional drugs because there is a limit to the amount of it you take to remain safe. However, with cannabis the dosage is not limited, as any dosage appears to have limited side effects. Ideally, to be as safe as possible, you will only need to take a few puffs an hour at the most.

Pleasure Centers of the Mind

The reason marijuana works as pain relief is because the THC turns on the pleasure centers of the mind. The pleasure control center of the brain includes cannabinoid receptors that release a chemical known as dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is known as a feel good chemical. This chemical is involved with pleasurable functions such as sex, appetite and sleep.

CB1 receptors are located on the brain’s nerve cells and spinal cord as well as other organs. Cannabinoids can influence regulation of pain, motor control and memory. CB2 receptors can be found in white blood cells. Stimulation of CB1 receptors has cannabis-like effects, whereas CB2 receptors do not produce the same effect. 

THC produces psychoactive effects from marijuana, such as a euphoric sense of well being. When marijuana is smoked, the THC reaches the brain within seconds and begins to create a feeling of relaxation. The main side effect is light-headedness, especially if you are using cannabis from an indica plant. It is easy to fall asleep after smoking a certain amount of cannabis.

Using Cannabis Exclusively

If you plan to use cannabis as an exclusive pain relief alternative, make sure your doctor approves it. Cannabis can be used to treat pain in cases as extreme as neurological disorders. There are no guarantees that cannabis alone can cure or treat pain, although there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that it works and is favored by patients who are comfortable with its effects.

Many cancer patients use cannabis oil or smoke cannabis to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. Some cancer patients have ditched chemotherapy completely and claim to have been cured by cannabis. The main thing that cannabis can do on its own is make the user forget about pain. The effect is a very relaxed dreamy state of mind, which potentially puts the user into a state of paradise. 

Cannabis vs Conventional Drugs

As pain relief, cannabis offers many benefits. It’s one of the most effective drugs to take before going to sleep at night and getting a good night’s sleep. The dosage does not have to be much, especially if you are using edibles. Unlike strong pharmaceutical sedatives, cannabis gives you a sense that you are in control, although you may not feel like doing much but sleep. 

There is plenty of evidence that cannabis is a safer pain relief drug than morphine. Cannabis does not seem to present any dosage issues. It has a lot of value in relieving the depression caused by a disease.

Source: Medicinal Marijuana Association

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