New Report: Majority of Americans Support Legalization of Cannabis

If it were left up to voters, America would loosen some of its restrictions and penalties for marijuana. Over seven in ten voters (72%) support reducing penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana from jail time to a fine. Six in ten voters (61%) support allowing state regulated sales of marijuana across the country

  • A majority of voters agree with lowering the punishment for possession of marijuana. Voters across all major demographics agree (72%) that punishment for possession of small amounts of marijuana should be reduced from arrest and possible jail times to fines of $25 to $100 dollars. Even among Republicans (68%) and conservatives (63%), support lowering the punishment for possession.
  • Over six in ten voters agree with legalizing state-regulated sales of marijuana. 61% of voters agree that state-regulated sales of marijuana should be legal. Republicans are practically split on legalization. However, 59% of GOP voters under the age of 50 support state-regulated sales of marijuana across the country.

Source: Benenson Strategy Group

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