Seizures Force Woman to Leave TX to Get CBD Oil

SAN ANTONIO – The issue to legalize medical marijuana has been front and center in the Texas Legislature. Nearly half a dozen bills have been introduced to help those living with seizures, severe pain and other medical conditions.

Sherise Nipper, a San Antonio mother who lives with epilepsy, said she may be forced to leave Texas if a medical marijuana bill doesn’t pass soon. She and her family have packed up for a 30-day trip to Colorado. But the 865 mile trip north isn’t for fun. Nipper calls it a matter of life and death.

“Any seizure could be my last seizure,” the 35-year-old said.

Her seizures are the result of a head injury she suffered about a decade ago. She’s prescribed 10 different medications. None of them has reduced the number of seizures or the subsequent violent muscle contractions, according to Nipper. Her seizures have led to numerous injuries over the years, including torn ligaments and broken bones from falls.


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