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Here at the Medical Cannabis Report, we’re always looking for the latest articles, documentaries, testimonies, and anything else that will help us advance our cause of educating people about the benefits medical cannabis.  We welcome and sincerely appreciate your help in this endeavor.

We do however have some content guidelines.  We are only looking for well-constructed, quality content.  Low quality videos, stories from cheesy websites filled with head shop banner ads, or images of stoners waving signs for full legalization will be excluded.  Not that we personally have issues with these folks, but we have a target audience that we are trying to reach and don’t want to turn them off by re-inforcing their stereotypical image of marijuana users as couch-lock stoners sitting around taking bong hits, eating Doritos and wasting their lives away.

Indeed, there are millions of hard-working Americans from all walks of life – tradesmen, business owners, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, housewives, and grandmothers who use cannabis as a normal part of their life.  Some use it for serious medical problems, others use it to treat minor ailments instead of traditional medicine.  Destroying the stigma of marijuana is a process that takes time.  But when a person who is intellectually honest, has a measure of compassion and an open mind is presented with palatable, trustworthy evidence of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, they become an ally instead of an opponent.  And that is what we need to overcome the unjust and insane politics of prohibition.

So, if you come across a story that fits our vision, we’d really love to hear about it!  Please use the form below to submit your story.  We’ll check it out.  Thanks for helping us change the world!