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While medical cannabis is often used to ease pain or nausea, an Israeli-American biopharmaceutical company is developing medicines containing cannabinoids — chemical compounds from cannabis plants — to treat conditions including diabetes, inflammatory diseases (like arthritis, atherosclerosis and ulcerative colitis) and cardiovascular disorders. ISA Scientific plans a Phase 2 trial

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50 varieties of Israeli cannabis and its effects on 200 different cancer cells are being studied by scientists. A preliminary study conducted by Israeli scientists has discovered that cannabis may help slow the growth of certain cancerous tumors, even eliminating them completely, reported the Israeli daily Haaretz. Already known for

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Patients have been extolling the benefits of the green bud for years, but now, medical cannabis has gained support from an unlikely source: the central body in Israel that regulates drug enforcement. Sound too hemp-tacular to be true? The Israel Anti-Drug Authority launched an advertising campaign Sunday praising the use of cannabis

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In this documentary by I24 News (Israel), we learn that thousands in Israel now use cannabis to treat ailments ranging from Tourette’s syndrome to pediatric cancer, as research continues on the plant that many consider to be a ‘gift from God.’

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