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Mandy McKnight had tried more than 10 medications to control the seizures of her seven-year-old son, who suffers from Dravet syndrome. Two years ago, she decided to try medical marijuana. It reduced her son Liam’s seizures by 90%, she said. But obtaining Liam’s medical marijuana, which he consumes in an

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It’s early days, but a Hibbing couple are ecstatic about their daughter’s initial response to treatment with medical marijuana. “We gave her her first dose on Friday morning,” Angie Weaver said on Monday about 9-year-old daughter Amelia. “She had a seizure-free day.” Amelia, who has Dravet syndrome, a rare and

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“It comes down to either going to jail or a funeral.” Ten year old Antania Hawkins experienced her first seizure at age six months. She was soon diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of intractable epilepsy (seizures that can’t be controlled by medication) that has slowed Antania’s development, rendering

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After a push by a Delaware County state representative to put a Senate-approved medical marijuana bill before the House failed, a Connellsville mother expressed her frustration at what she felt was a political move. “How many days must my child (and the other kids like her) continue to seize? How

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A recent article in Business Insider details 21 health benefits from using cannabis. Despite the fact that the Drug Enforcement Agency categorizes marijuana as a schedule I drug, one that has no accepted medical use, a majority of Americans have thought medical pot should be legal since the late 1990s

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GW Pharmaceuticals Plc’s cannabidiol, made from the non-psychoactive portion of a marijuana plant, cut by half the seizures suffered by epilepsy patients in an expanded access program that didn’t use a placebo. The experience of 213 hard-to-treat patients age 2 to 42, including some who were already taking a dozen

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RFL’s Senior Political Correspondent Andrew Whitman speaks to a woman who is calling for reform of medical marijuana on behalf of her daughter.  The fact that she cannot get pure CBD oil due to federal scheduling is heartless and without justification.

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This is the amazing story of little Charlotte Figi, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome, which is a form of intractable epilepsy.  The Stanley brothers, medical marijuana growers in Colorado developed a high CBD strain with very low to no THC, which means there are no psychotropic effects.  Charlotte’s parents contacted

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