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Woman Uses Cannabis To Cure Colon Cancer In 48 Days

Since anti-marijuana laws make it extremely difficult to carry out long-term, systematic studies of cannabis, we’re very often left to rely on firsthand accounts of just how powerful the plant’s medicinal properties can be.

Lindsey, a woman from Cape Town, South Africa, is one of these firsthand accounts. In a candid blog post, she told the story of how she successfully treated colon cancer in 48 days by using cannabis.

In her narrative, she described how a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst eventually led to the discovery that she had stage 3 colon cancer.

Within three days of the diagnosis, Lindsey began an intense round of chemotherapy that included one chemo treatment per week for 30 weeks straight.

She described chemo as being difficult and painful: “This time was a blur, I could barely work, I spent days and nights on the couch, in a daze, nausea was so bad.

In the midst of this pain and discomfort, she said that “friends brought around weed, and I smoked some, it made things so much better, not only could I enjoy food again, I slept better, and generally felt a sense of well being.

This discovery would prove to be life-saving, as her post-chemo checkup revealed that she’d developed four new spots on her liver, a spot on her kidney, and a spot on her gall bladder.

Her doctors ultimately concluded that “this is damage by the chemo. The spot in my gall bladder is actually a 2.8cm stone caused by the chemo. The ‘spots’ on my liver turn out to be lesions caused by the chemo . . . and kidney, turned out to be a cyst again, caused by the chemo.

Lindsey ultimately concluded “the chemo was causing more harm than good, and she decided to take full control of her treatment.

She immediately stopped chemotherapy and began using cannabis oil. The legal prohibition against cannabis made it difficult to get the oil, but when she finally did she began a treatment that included daily doses of cannabis oil and a specialized diet.

She took a total of 18 grams of cannabis oil over the next 46 days and when she went back to her doctors, a seemingly miraculous healing had taken place:

I’m at the hospital to see the oncologist and the surgeons who did my operation to ask for them to schedule my ‘reversal’ Operation. I undergo a whole range of tests and scans and meet later in the afternoon with four doctors present.

“There is no sign of any cancer in my body!!”

Lindsey concluded the narrative with a consideration of the ways that cancer, the medical industry, big pharma, and cannabis all converge in ways that don’t necessarily work toward achieving better health:

I’m not going to go into the politics around the medical profession and their macabre attitude towards anything related to natural healing and prefers to send patients to their ‘chemo’ death. I’m sure it’s all just ignorance down on the ground floor while the pharmaceutical companies cash in on the rising cancer industry.

I’ve spent months researching every aspect of cancer and the holistic healing modalities to cure or at least put up a bigger fight, which is better than what chemo can do for you.

Lindsey’s experiences seem to echo a few important stories that have made headlines recently.

In November, the National Institute on Drug Abuse updated its fact sheet to reflect the findings of studies that indicate cannabis could be used as an effective cancer treatment.

And just a few weeks later, the American Cancer Society published a report admitting that radiation and chemotherapy—probably the two most widely used forms of cancer treatment—actually contribute to the development of “second cancers.”

After considering the stories of people like Lindsey alongside the emerging scientific evidence supporting medicinal cannabis as well as big pharma’s stranglehold on the cancer industry, it’s clear that we need to take medicinal cannabis seriously.

We need to devote whatever resources are necessary to conduct sustained and thorough studies of the plant to discover exactly what benefits it might offer.

Article By: Chuck Ludley
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