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August 2015

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Scientists discovered inhibiting a receptor in the brain meant they could trigger cannabis’ medicinal benefits but not its unwanted side effects Drug is thought to help slow tumour growth in cancer patients and can also help with nausea, anxiety and pain relief, some studies suggest Hope breakthrough will pave the way for

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Of the many active ingredients in marijuana, cannabinoids — the miracle molecules that deliver most of the plant’s medical efficacy — are not the whole picture. Some cannabis consumers may be aware of terpenes, the cannabinoid-like chemicals that give herb such a pungent aroma. What most do not know is that

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When choosing retirement locales, a few factors pop to mind: climate, amenities, proximity to grandchildren, access to quality healthcare. Chris Cooper had something else to consider – marijuana laws. The investment adviser from Toledo had long struggled with back pain due to a fractured vertebra and crushed disc from a

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