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A new report published on demonstrates that cannabinoids from the marijuana plant could provide a new choice of treatment for those suffering from one of today’s deadlier forms of liver cancer. HCC – also known as Hepatocellular Carcinoma – is one of the most common forms of liver cancer

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Medical Marijuana 411 Newest Contributor, Valerie Brooks, gives us a first hand view of how cannabis changed her life. First off let’s cut to the chase, I hated even the idea of legal medical marijuana. I come from a long line of drug addicts and alcoholics. So I’ve never been

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Angela Harris never thought she would try cannabis, let alone suggest others use it. Harris is a conservative who grew up a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) in central California and Boise, Idaho. It wasn’t until she saw the healing powers of cannabis

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In this video, Dr Uma Dhanabalan, MD speaks about cannabis therapeutics and the vast usefulness of medical marijuana in the treatment of various diseases. Dr. Dhanabalan speaks from her vast experience with using cannabis as a treatment for disease.  She explains the endocannabinoid system and why and how the chemical

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Watch the testimony of Kathy Michaud, who claims she was healed of a serious liver disease by using cannabis. Her diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy is associated with a survival rate of less than 50% at 1 year and less than 25% at 3 years. Kathy and her husband Laughing Bear could not

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Lyme DiseaseTestimonies

Shelley White uses medical cannabis to treat her seizures and other symptoms of Lyme disease.  

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Cerebral PalsyTestimonies

Jacqueline Patterson was born with cerebral palsy, a congenital disorder that affects her motor functions. As a result of her condition, she suffers from a severe stutter and major pain and weakness on her right side. This video showcases the amazing effect of cannabis on her condition. Tragically, it shows

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Waiting to Inhale examines the heated debate over marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. Twelve states have passed legislation to protect patients who use medical marijuana. Yet opponents claim the medical argument is just a smokescreen for a different agenda– to legalize marijuana for recreation and

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