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Researchers have come to some remarkable conclusions about the effects of marijuana use in recent years—how it reduces pain and helps heal fractured bones—but surely long-term use poses health concerns, right? Not really, says Jordan Bechtold, the lead researcher behind a new study on chronic adolescent use of cannabis. Published

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As laws prohibiting marijuana become less punitive, the question, “What about the kids?” becomes more pressing to parents and other adults. We at the Drug Policy Alliance urge young people to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We avoid the exaggerations, misinformation and scare tactics of the past. We

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In medical marijuana states, not a lot has changed with teen use.  The availability of medical marijuana does not cause a surge in pot smoking among teens, according to a national, school-based survey. When the survey results were aggregated across grade (grade 8 through 12) they found that the risk

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