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Scientists discovered inhibiting a receptor in the brain meant they could trigger cannabis’ medicinal benefits but not its unwanted side effects Drug is thought to help slow tumour growth in cancer patients and can also help with nausea, anxiety and pain relief, some studies suggest Hope breakthrough will pave the way for

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In this week’s episode of Leafly’s Cannabis 101 we introduce you to cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in cannabis that offer an array of effects and therapeutic benefits. This video gives you a quick breakdown of two of the most common cannabinoids, THC and CBD. However, cannabis contains a wide

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Marijuana, also known as cannabis, hash, weed, hemp, ganja, and grass, has been recognized as an herbal remedy for centuries.  Along with LSD and heroin, it has a classification of one of the most dangerous controlled substances. As the legalization of marijuana has become a reality in a growing number

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Here is another excellent teaching article by one of my favorite cannabis experts/authors – Gooey Rabinski The ability of cannabis to deliver euphoria and medical therapy to users is based on the activity of cannabinoids, specialized molecules that mimic similar chemicals in the human body and fit into special receptors within

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One of the arguments you hear often from those who oppose full plant cannabis as medicine is that there are already cannabis-based pharmaceuticals on the market.  However, patient satisfaction with drugs like Marinol tends to be lower than simply using the real plant. Here is an excellent article by Paul Armentano

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Several states have or are in the process of legalizing cannabis extracts (typically oils) high in cannabidiol (CBD) and very low in THC. Because these medicines lack THC (the cannabinoid in marijuana that produces the euphoric high), conservative politicians have been much more willing to embrace this approach to medical marijuana.

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