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Among the cannabinoids in cannabis, the main psychoactive compound, THC, often outshines the one that provides a natural anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic and antipsychotic effect. Cannabidiol, or CBD, lacks the colorful high commonly associated with your traditional marijuana high and doesn’t have much of a noticeable effect when isolated. When combined with THC, the relaxing

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Few things can have such a polarizing effect in modern times as that of cannabis. For some people, it’s a simple and fun way to relax, and for others, it’s the menace that threatens to bring our nation to its knees. However, the tide seems to slowly be turning, as

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Please enable Javascript to watch this video With the mainstream attitude toward weed continuing to shift to a very positive (and quite lucrative) place, an apparent windfall of medical studies have unleashed their findings on the general public in the name of science. We already knew that weed may help

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A new report published on demonstrates that cannabinoids from the marijuana plant could provide a new choice of treatment for those suffering from one of today’s deadlier forms of liver cancer. HCC – also known as Hepatocellular Carcinoma – is one of the most common forms of liver cancer

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In this fascinating video interview filmed while on a train ride from Germany to Holland, Dr. Jahan Marcu, PhD, and Naturopathic Doctor Michelle Sexton chat about how the endocannabinoid system functions and why it is so important in the treatment of disease.

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Less than 12 months ago, Cristina was given eight weeks to live and had her children taken away from her as she was too ill to care for them. Despite being an NHS Nurse for 30yrs, Catherine knew that orthodox Chemo & Radio-therapy treatment could KILL Cristina … but she

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