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GW Pharmaceuticals Plc’s cannabidiol, made from the non-psychoactive portion of a marijuana plant, cut by half the seizures suffered by epilepsy patients in an expanded access program that didn’t use a placebo. The experience of 213 hard-to-treat patients age 2 to 42, including some who were already taking a dozen

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No one can accuse the Stanley Brothers of Colorado of not pushing the envelope in the development and availability of medical cannabis in the U.S. Over the last year, they have single handedly changed the game. With the passage of the federal Farm Bill in February of 2014, containing an

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Patients have been extolling the benefits of the green bud for years, but now, medical cannabis has gained support from an unlikely source: the central body in Israel that regulates drug enforcement. Sound too hemp-tacular to be true? The Israel Anti-Drug Authority launched an advertising campaign Sunday praising the use of cannabis

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Adding to the list of numerous diseases that medical marijuana has already helped to heal – cancer, rare muscular diseases, arthritis, seizures, and more – compounds in the plant have also been shown to positively impact Alzheimer’s disease. This is important because the degenerative disease affects more than 5 million Americans. One study, published in

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Chronic Pain

A new metastudy of numerous randomized controlled trials has found that cannabis is a safe, effective treatment for chronic pain. The study was published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, and was published online Monday by the National Institute of Health. The study, conducted by researchers at Pharmacology Dalhousie University‘s Departments

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Alexis Bortell, a 9 year-old epilepsy patient, is taking her fight to Austin to push for legal medical cannabis in Texas. Texas bans both the medical and social use of cannabis and imposes harsher penalties for possession of oils and tinctures, the forms most commonly taken by those using cannabis

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