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Sophia’s Story: One Family’s Fight For a Happily Ever After

Seven-year old Sophia is just like many other seven-year olds. She loves playing outside and singing along as she watches Disney movies. But Sophia has suffered from intractable epilepsy, a debilitating disorder that can cause her to have more than 100 seizures a day, since she was six months old.

There is hope, though. Doctor’s believe Cannabidiol or CBD (a compound found in medical marijuana) may be an effective alternative treatment and cure. However, all forms of medical marijuana are illegal in Ohio, Sophia’s home state.

7 years old. 3 brain surgeries. 1 outlawed alternative. Sophia is extraordinary and she deserves her happily ever ever. This is her story.

Click here to sign the petition to help Sophia:

To learn more about Dr. Privitera’s work click here:

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